Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama rose to political platform when her husband Barrack Obama became president in 2008. The values that she stands for is to support military families, help women balance work and family, encourage national service, and to also to stress how important it is to have an education and to do volunteer work. Michelle’s political platform has enabled her to make this change because she is able to reach more people throughout the world with her husband being the president but I personally think that she would have been able to do so regardless of her husband because of her educational background and how much she has accomplished on her own. Michelle matters because she is trying to show the younger generations that education is important and that helping people is also a concern.

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Dr.Sears work

I personally believe that you should stop breast feeding once the baby starts walking or is at least at the age of one. Some mothers do take it too far and breast feed their kids past the age of three but I think that is too old. I think that if you practice attachment breast feeding it does not make you more or less of a mother. The claims being made about women in sears article is that women take parenting too far which can sometimes be the case but they are doing what they believe is best for their child. All mothers are not the same and parent in different ways and that is what I think is not being said in this article.

Gay Rights

I feel as though the videos showed in class did open my eyes all of how people see gays and how they are not really seen as equal because they do not have the right to get married to who they please. I think that eventually gay rights may be granted over the globe but it may take a while for everyone to come to terms with the whole thing. I believe that there will always be some type of  hate because some people believe that it is wrong because of their religions or the way that they were brought up. I feel that you should be able to get married to who ever you please because it is a free country and who are we to judge? people should have the same rights regardless of  who they choose to love.

Human Trafficking

I believe that human trafficking is something that can be solved but we just have to speak to people about what is really going on around them and how this is affecting young girls around the world. I believe that if we form a global alliance we could definitely stop human trafficking because everyone would be working together and it would be easier to shut down human trafficking and create awareness.  What I think some girls need that they do not get from family or society is some type of support and somebody that they can actually talk to about any that they want to know or have to get off their chest.

Domestic Violence

I believe that domestic violence is still something that a lot of women still face today. I feel like it is a big issue but people really don’t like to talk about domestic violence that is happening. I know a lot of women who have been in a abusive relationship and they always go back and when domestic violence does occur they never want to talk about it or they are in denial of the issue. I think that domestic violence happens more now than it did back then because now women are more independent and some men want to be in control of their relationships. I believe that this is a global issues but only in certain places because in some places the women run things in their country but I feel that it is a huge issue that everyone should certainly be informed about.

Chris Brown & Rihanna

A few years ago a shock wave hit the whole hip hop community including the fans of Rihanna and Chris Brown when we all found out that Chris Brown had Rihanna had gotten into a domestic dispute and he had put his hands on her. Many people sided with Rihanna and some sided with Chris. Me personally I felt bad for Rihanna because I feel as though it should never be okay for any person to lay their hands on another person just because they are mad or upset especially if you claim to love that person. Don’t get me wrong I still love Chris Brown but I don’t agree and will never agree with what he did. If I could tell either of them one thing I would tell Chris that I was disappointed and that what he did was wrong and what I would tell Rihanna is that she isn’t alone and there are other women who look up to her and have been in the same position as her and to stay strong.