Chris Brown & Rihanna

A few years ago a shock wave hit the whole hip hop community including the fans of Rihanna and Chris Brown when we all found out that Chris Brown had Rihanna had gotten into a domestic dispute and he had put his hands on her. Many people sided with Rihanna and some sided with Chris. Me personally I felt bad for Rihanna because I feel as though it should never be okay for any person to lay their hands on another person just because they are mad or upset especially if you claim to love that person. Don’t get me wrong I still love Chris Brown but I don’t agree and will never agree with what he did. If I could tell either of them one thing I would tell Chris that I was disappointed and that what he did was wrong and what I would tell Rihanna is that she isn’t alone and there are other women who look up to her and have been in the same position as her and to stay strong.


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