Research Proposal




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The topic that I may choose to write about is how social media makes teens want to change their body image, the messages social media sends teens about sex, and how social media can promote some type of violence. I chose to do this topic because I did something like this when I was in the summer EOF program and it was really kind of interesting. My thesis statement would be that social media sends teens the messages that they should change their body image, they should have sex, and it also promotes violence.


Rape Blog ” so a girl walks into a comedy club”

 I believe that the young woman did react reasonably, Like she said rape is never something that should be funny. I know a lot of young females including my little cousin who were raped and it really takes on toll on peoples lives and it scars them forever. I laugh at plenty of jokes but when it comes to rape i could never find that funny because it affects so many people in negative ways and i believe that the lady was right to not take it as a joke and lightly. This joke can be seen as a more serious problem maybe some people don’t know the truth behind rape and laugh it off. Maybe they need to be a little bit more educated on the topic.

Stop Street Harassment !!

Stop Street Harassment !!

Street harassment is not really something that I have myself can recall dealing with. In the town that I live it kind of does happen on a regular basis but no one really pays attention to it because in a way we find it normal in way. I think that we as women have come so used to the fact that men will whistle at you or call you names because of the way you appear that we have just came to the terms of ignoring it.

My next door neighbor was a victim of street harassment. She would wake up everyday to take her dog for a walk around 6 am because it was a regular routine. So a couple months after walking her dog she would walk him around my block and a man would scream rude things to her but the first couple of days she payed no mind. Soon later it started to get to her so she told her husband and he walked the dog from then on and it stopped.

I feel that we as people need to take a stand against street harassment. We should at least stand up for each other when we see it going on and we could make at least a little difference. Soon street violence will get out of hand and it will not be pretty.

Ariel Levy Videos

My opinion on the Ariel Levy videos is that she gave me  new outlook on things. Like the point she makes when she says that women in the public eye are seen as role models basically and when a celebrity goes out and do something outrageous and the public praises that then teens respond and go out think that that’s how women are supposed to be seen as in the public eye.  Also when she says in another video that women are starting to become unrealistic  because we are becoming hairless and that’s not really human she is completely right by this because most girls are hairless because they feel that it is excepted as more attractive. When she said that we want to look far from natural I never really thought of it that way until she brought it up which was a new outlook on it for me.